What are Dedicated Web Servers?
By: Date: November 19, 2019 Categories: Technology

Dedicated web hostingManaged Web Hosting or Dedicated Web Servers a special type of web hosting package in which the client rents the whole web server for their own use. The following option is great for hugely popular blogs which require a lot of resources. Dedicated Web Servers are much more flexible than shared and cloud web hosting.

Dedicated web servers are a great option for popular blogs however it increases the hosting cost to a great extent. Dedicated web servers are fully customizable and the client can alter every aspect of the server like – RAM, Number of cores in CPU, Operating System, etc. Typically the Dedicated Web hosting companies maintain and leases the server hardware. The client has full access to the server and can install and use any web software they want.

Since, only a single website is hosted on a Dedicated Web Servers, you don’t have to worry about your site going down during traffic spikes. Security is the best on Dedicated Web Servers as only a single site is hosted on an isolated server. Dedicated Web Servers, however, isn’t a good choice if you own a personal blog or a blog with less traffic as you will simply be shelling out money blindly.

Advantages of Web Hosting Dedicated Servers over Shared Web Hosting or Cloud Web Hosting is as follows:

# 1) You can set up your own server with your own configuration. Set as much RAM you need, choose the number of cores in CPU and set the disk space size.

# 2) You can control every aspect of the webserver hosting as you own the rights and you can tweak the settings according to your usage. Coming to security, Dedicated Web Servers have the best security settings as only a single person owns it.

# 3) Talking about features, Dedicated Web Servers comes with the best features. Dedicated web servers also comes up with spam monitoring, control panel and e-commerce solutions. Also, you don’t have to worry about other sites affecting your rankings and performance as you are completely isolated.

Yes, Dedicated Web Servers have a lot of functionality which you can find in cloud web hosting services or shared web hosting packages. But, do take the pricing into comparison too. Dedicated Web Servers is an option for popular blogs who can’t run their sites on shared or cloud hosting packages.

Dedicated Web hosting requires you to have good IT knowledge too and if you don’t possess it; you will need to hire someone for the job. Hiring technicians will in-turn double or triple up the cost? Therefore do take everything into consideration, particularly – hosting needs, budget and skill level before choosing any web development hosting package.

Do tell us if we have missed out any thing about “Dedicated Web Servers.

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Top 3 144Hz Monitors That You Must Check
By: Date: September 19, 2019 Categories: Technology

A monitor generally refers to an output device which is able to display content from the computer to the screen. Monitors are therefore very important especially in desktop computers, as they enable the user to view the content on the screen. They have also been developed over time, ranging from size, resolution, refresh rates as well as sync technology. If you are looking for a great monitor to buy, especially one that can support heavy uses like gaming, then you will be able to find more info here. This article details the best 144 Hz monitors you should consider buying.

Description- Types of Monitors

Monitors have gradually been developed over time, beginning from the CRT monitors (Cathode Ray Tube), to LCD or flat screen monitor. If you are looking for a gaming monitor to buy or one that can handle heavy tasks, then you should consider monitors with 144 Hz refresh rates. This is because they come designed with the latest technology consisting of great viewing angles, clear resolutions as well as performance. We were able to compile a list of some of the best monitors,
based on a number of tests, reviews and research carried out. These are also
cost-effective and reliable to use.

Best 144Hz Monitors That You Must Check

If you are looking for a wonderful monitor that can be effective for just everything you need, ranging from watching movies, playing games, or even work, then these can be the perfect monitors;


This is a unique monitor that features 8-bit IPS panel for one of the best color reproduction, bringing in very clear images, thanks to the picture settings. Whether you want to watch a movie or even play an intense game, for the hardcore gamers, this will just act as the perfect monitor. When it comes to design and connectivity, this monitor is pretty stylish, designed with a slim bezel and zero-frame. It is also equipped with VGA, HDMI as well as DVI inputs for its connectivity. It
retails at only $130.


The LG24MP59G is a one-of-a-kind monitor that uses the AMD graphics card, well compatible with free-sync. Clarity of image is great, thanks to the Blur-Reduction technology, as well as the screen tearing and image stabilizer. Performance is also stunning, as it comes equipped with a Free-sync GPU, enabling a high refresh rate, clocking between 40-75 Hz. It is equipped with an HDMI as well as DisplayPort for quick connectivity. It retails at around $150.


If you need a reliable and yet powerful 144 Hz monitor, then the AOC G2460PF may just be the most effective monitor that you may need. This is because it comes equipped with a number of features for its price such as super fast response time speed, AMD Free sync, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, among others. In terms of connectivity, you will be assured of HDMI connection, as well as DisplayPort, with a range of 35-144 Hz. It also comes equipped with VGA, DVI, as well as a quad USB port and dual external speakers. It retails at around $200.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or you simply need a great monitor for your work or even watching movies, then this article will guide you on which 144Hz monitor you ought to buy. It is very important to determine what you need exactly, as well as your budget, such that you can get the best monitor that suits your purpose. Thanks to the technology, the 144 Hz monitors are assured of crystal clear pictures, as well as next generation of screen displays.

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By: Date: September 16, 2019 Categories: Health Improvement

A water softener, is basically an instrument that removes the ‘hardness’ causing ions from water. Failing to soften your water may cause scale deposits, lack of lather formation in soaps and digestive difficulties if drunk. Hard water is not a big threat in the aspect of human consumption, but it can cause heavy damages to your pipelines and boilers due to scaling and clogging.

Many parts of the world face this ‘hard water’ issue, as it is not possible to correct the hardness at the source. As a result, many people connect their house’s entire plumbing system to a water softener. There are several choices available in the market. Water softeners come in a variety of features and each has its own specialty and drawback. So, if you are planning to buy a water softening system as a precautionary or necessary measure, then here are a few things that you should keep in mind before making the purchase. Before deciding on what machine you are going to buy, go through these 5 tips to help you decide correctly.

  1. Determine the level of hardness of the raw water

Hard water is common in several places and the degree or extent of hardness will vary from place to place. So it is first essential that you get the hardness tested. Not all water softeners will work on all ranges of hardness of water. This can be done by testing a sample in any laboratory or by any water testing company in your region.

  1. Decide on the type of system

The next thing that you have to understand is that there are three different fundamental types of water softeners. This difference is based on the principle of work. Based on the degree of hardness of your water, your space requirement, budget and maintenance expected, choose the type of system that you want to install.

Salt-based systems: This system uses sodium ions to soften water. They are quite bulky and the effluent water many contain more salt content, so it might not be preferred for drinking.

Salt-free systems: This system changes the atomic structure of hard water and softens it. These are not that efficient but they require less maintenance and are easy to install and run.

Electro-magnetic systems: Here magnetic wires are used to change the water structure and remove hardness. These are small, compact and easy to operate.

  1. Quality and cost

Some water softening systems cost less to buy and install, but they may require more running and maintenance costs if they are more power draining. A good water softener should have high quality components otherwise they might start falling apart or malfunctioning within a few years and it is not an easy task to re-install the entire system. Though the capital cost might be a bit high, the total cost will be compensated as a quality water softener will have less running and maintenance charges. This might even profit you in the long run.

  1. Energy efficiency of the system

As far as energy requirement is considered, a metered style valve is more efficient. This system will enable automatic adjustment of cleaning timings to facilitate more efficiency.

  1. Size and Capacity

The size of the water softener is based on your space requirement, while the capacity will depend on the number of people using the system and the average quantity of water used by one person.

This is how you can get to the best water softener, which shall keep you away from all kind of hard water issues.

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Install and Download ShowBox for iOS 11 Without Jailbreak Using vShare
By: Date: August 27, 2019 Categories: Apps,Entertainment

The App store provides people with numerous apps to choose from to perform specific functions. A Smart phone is able to perform numerous functions and the app store essentially provides individuals with different apps to choose from to execute a particular purpose. For those who are movie lovers, there are different applications that they can choose from to watch movies on in their iPads or iPhones with each offering a different movie watching experience. One of the apps that can be used to watch movies and other shows on your phone or tablet is the infamous ShowBox mobile streaming application. This app is one of the best to watch movies and shows on your mobile devices or on your PC from anywhere. The app has many latest shows and movies for people to select from. Moreover, the databases of the app are updated from time to time to ensure that the users get the best experience.

iPhone Movies App

Install and Download ShowBox for iOS 11 Without Jailbreak Using vShare

Using a device that runs on iOS brings about one major difficulty for the users. Watching or downloading movies and videos for free is rather difficult on a device that runs on iOS. ShowBox is, therefore, popular since it allows the users that have devices running on iOS to watch and download videos for free meaning that whether you have an iPad or iPhone then you can have a great watching experience for free. Additionally, it is important to note that ShowBox app can run on iOS and Android devices or PCs and in the case of iOS it supports both un-jailbroken and jailbroken devices. To download the ShowBox on your device then there are some requirements which must be met before one starts the process of downloading this particular application. The device must be an iPhone or an iPad and must be running iOS 11 or iOS 10 or 9, and the device must be in jailbreak status. Watch the video below for more info, but do watch it fully to understand the current status of iOS 11 jailbreak:

There are several approaches to be used when one wishes to install ShowBox App on their device and one of the approaches is to use the vShare. The vShare app enables one to install for free numerous apps which are supposed to be paid for on iOS devices. Moreover, using vShare may not necessarily require a jailbreak. Once you have installed the vShare on your app then you are ready to install the ShowBox App. The vShare app has a user interface that is one can use easily. An individual can use the Search bar found at the top of the screen to make a quick search for the apps or games that they wish to install on their device. Search for the ShowBox from the applications that result, you will find the app. Once the device appears on the screen, tap on the option to install so as to download the app on to your device.Wait for the app to download and once the download is through, then complete the installation process. The next option is to launch the ShowBox and the message that will appear will be “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer iOS 11

To verify the app, one will be required to go to the settings on the phone and click on the general settings. Once you are here the next option will be to select profile and device management option. Search for the profile that is mentioned and corresponds to the app and opens the profile. Once you are here select “Trust” and press “Trust” to confirm. The process is necessary since the device want to ascertain that you actually want the application on your phone. Once you have pressed “Trust” then your ShowBox app is ready for use and you can search for movies or the TV shows that you may have wanted. You might also face the “iPhone stuck at verifying update” error while installing the application. Try pressing the sleep / wake button once, and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you might have to hard reset your iPhone running on iOS 11. The process is short and simple if you have vShare already installed on your iOS device.


iPhone Entertainment

When an individual acquires a new device they are looking for a new experience. The iPhone and iPad offer endless possibilities for the users though they come at a cost. However, when an individual can get free user experience they will get the best out of their device. ShowBox allows the individual to watch movies and other shows online or download them and watch later. The interface is easy for navigation and the users have different qualities to choose from making the experience even better. Thus anyone who feels that they are not ready to pay to watch videos on their device then this is the application to choose. It offers great benefits to the users and the greatest incentive is that the app comes for free on a platform that almost every app comes at a cost.

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How It Works: Salt-Based Water Softener Systems
By: Date: August 22, 2019 Categories: DIY,FAQs,Health Improvement,Technology

Salt-based water softener systems are really popular, and as seen on watersoftenerguide.com there are quite some good quality salt-based water softener systems that you can actually buy. However, have you ever wondered how the salt-based water softener systems work?

Well, if you have ever thought of that and wants an answer, then today here is all that you need to know about the working of salt-based water softener systems.

How it Works: Salt-based water softener systems

Salt-based water softener systems work on the principle of ion exchange. Hard water contains high levels of ions of elements like Magnesium and Calcium which is responsible for the hardness of water. So, the more these “hard elements” are present in the water, the harder the water is.

By using a salt-based water softener system, what we try to do is to replace the hard minerals present in the hard water with softer minerals like Sodium or Potassium. In a salt-based water softener system, there will be a resin layer that is present in the system. When the hard water passes through this resin, the soft minerals take up the place of hard minerals, and the deposit of hard minerals are left within the resin.

So as more water gets softened, the soft mineral content in the resin gets decreased and replaced with hard minerals. Which means, if you are having a salt-based water softener system, you will have to frequently recharge the resin layer with more soft minerals to keep the process of water softening going on.

To do this, special salt beads have to be added to the water softener tank which will help replenish the level of soft minerals in the resin. Once the salt beads are added to the softener tank, the hardness causing minerals that are present in the resin will be again replaced with the softer salt minerals and the removed hard minerals can be cleaned out of the system by draining some water from the tank.

Two techniques are commonly used to regenerate the resin using the salt beads that are added to the softener tank. The first technique is called Demand Initiated Regeneration technique of DIR wherein the softener system automatically calculates and monitors the usage of water and regenerates the resin when the system feel is required. The second technique is Timer-based Regeneration where you can manually schedule when the resin needs to be regenerated depending on your preference.

As DIR is done automatically and only regenerates the resin when it is required, it means that the regeneration of resin is properly managed in times of increased or decreased use. However, in the case of Timer-based Regeneration, the regeneration will occur periodically irrespective of the water usage scenario and will also regenerate the resin even when there is no use of water at all (say, on vacation).

Final Words:

So, did you find this article on how salt-based water softener system works informative? Then do kindly share this article and if you have any questions on water softener systems, do feel free to ask us.

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Things You Can Do for the Betterment of Your Home
By: Date: July 28, 2019 Categories: DIY,FAQs,Health Improvement

1). Extension

Adding an extension to that your home could increase its value by 10 – 50%. The key factor is to add proportion to your house. If you have a small kitchen but a big living room, how about extending your kitchen.

2). New Kitchen

Revamping your kitchen is a fantastic way of increasing the value of your property, and it could add up to 10%. Never underestimate the impact a new kitchen has for house buyers. It is a room that you spend a lot of your time in, and it could mean the difference between sale or no-sale.

3). Loft Conversion

It’s a great way to increase your home’s value, without building outwards. It can add up to 15% to the value of your home.

4). En-suite Bathroom

It’s is a great way of adding the appearance of luxury to your home and can increase your home’s value by 5%. For maximum return, it is best to use the space from a large bedroom, rather than converting an existing bedroom.

5). Insulation

Insulating your home can highly reduce your utility bills and can also make a sale more likely as your home will fit the “Eco-Friendly” bracket.

6). Flooring

A good way to improve the appearance of your home is to replace old or worn out flooring. Whether it be carpets, floorboards or laminate, replacing the worn-out look can immediately change the appearance of your home.

7). Redecorating

This is probably the cheapest way of improving the appearance of your home. A lick of paint can add freshness to your home in a matter of hours.

8). New Bathroom Suite

A new and modern bathroom can add 5% to your home, and like the kitchen can make the difference between a sale or no-sale. House buyers put a lot of focus on kitchens and bathrooms, and if they look dated, it can appear that you put no effort into your home.

9). Home Exterior

Sorting out the exterior of your home is a must if you are selling, and can add between 10 – 15% of your property value. Fixing up the front garden, painting the house, and fixing the roof, guttering, fascias, etc. can make a huge difference.

10). Internal Problems

Fixing any nagging issues within your home is essential for when you do want to sell, and waiting until your house goes to market, will only add unnecessary stress to the process. It will make a huge difference fixing the damp patches, changing tap washer, and re-varnishing the old wood.

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MovieBox: Best App for Watching Movies on Android/iOS
By: Date: July 26, 2019 Categories: Apps,Entertainment

The world of visuals fascinates the human psyche to no end. Right from cave paintings by our ancient ancestors to the latest 3D movies we watch at Imax theaters, seeing is truly believing. Our modern smartphone based culture has given rise to a whole new breed of viewers who would rather watch a movie on their daily commute rather than waste the time.

The Leading App to Watch Movies in Smartphones

Movie Box leads the pack of apps available that let you watch streaming movies on your Android or iOS smartphone. You can now watch all of your favorite movies whenever wherever you like. You have an entire library of movies waiting to be watched, all literally at the touch of a finger. There are several features of Movie Box which elevate it to a position far above its contemporaries. Some of them are:

· Device Independent – Now this is a feature you rarely get. MovieBox will smoothly run on both iOS as well as Android devices. Almost all generations of smartphones are supported by the app. So, do not lose heart if you have an older smartphone. In all probability, it too can run MovieBox with ease. Best of all it works across the smartphone platforms and functions seamlessly across the gamut of Apple iOS and Android devices that power smartphones and tablets across the world.

· Streaming Video – The advantage posed by streaming media is all too obvious. You can watch videos as the data is transmitted to your device. Previously you had to wait for the whole file to be downloaded before you could begin watching it. But this technological problem was solved long before and MovieBox brings you the world of streaming movies to your humble smartphone.

· No Need to Download Videos – Videos often consume a lot of disk space. By using an app like MovieBox you remain in touch with the magical world of films without sacrificing your entire storage space to errant video files. In fact, you have entire libraries of movies that will light up your life at a tap much like a technological genie.

· No Question of Malware – Sometimes it is seen that while torrenting does not cost you money errant files are downloaded in the process that may contain malware and you may end up sacrificing your mobile security. With MovieBox all that is a thing of the past. You don’t download anything so no question of malware.

· View Movies Across Genres – With this app, you have the privilege of having a full-fledged catalog of movies available for your viewing pleasure. Whether it is action or horror, romance or comedy or any other genre for that matter, MovieBox ensures that you get the best movies at any place convenient to you.

· View Movies Anywhere – Another great advantage of an app based movie viewing experience that you can watch them anytime, anywhere. This helps you in ways that are only evident.

· Watch TV Series as Well – MovieBox does not store movies only but also an exciting array of shown available, literally waiting to be streamed to your favorite device.


All in all, we give thumbs up to the concept of watching movies and TV shows on our favorite device, on demand and through apps of which Movie Box is surely the best in the market.

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