shutterstock_3596927Spring is upon us! The kids are tired of being indoors, drinking hot cocoa, and watching the snow fall. The days are longer, the sun is shining brighter, there’s a hint of flowers in the air, and snow is turning to rain … it’s spring! The vernal equinox is a wonderful time to plan some spring fun with your kids. If you want to mark the entrance of spring this year, either with a spring party or a spring birthday party, here are some resources and ideas to enjoy:

  1. Plant flowers together! Head out to the local garden center, and let your kids pick out the flower bulbs they would like to plant. Have them not only plant the bulbs, but water them throughout spring and watch them grow!
  2. Give your kids a watercolor set and white construction paper, and have them paint their own spring masterpieces to hang up around the house.
  3. Enjoy bird watching! Birds are now migrating north so it is the perfect time to head out to an open field and watch them. Of course, with it being spring, there are many opportunities to feed ducks, watch scampering squirrels, and take in the natural world coming to life.
  4. When a rainy day pops up, pull on your galoshes and go splash in the puddles. Make it fun!
  5. Enjoy playing Leap Frog!
  6. Fly kites!
  7. Play Frisbee. To make it even more interesting, play Frisbee golf. Hang buckets from trees, and have the players toss the Frisbee into the buckets for points.
  8. Purchase small terra cotta plant holders for the kids to decorate with tempera paint. They can paint bugs, butterflies, or anything else they like!

Have a great time celebrating spring with your kids and their friends this year. It will be a bloomin’ good time!

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