A Snow Day PartyBaby, it’s cold outside. So, the song goes as does the current season upon us!  Most people with kids’ parties in winter think that the festivities must be held indoors, but then there are those out of the box themes that work well outdoors even in winter!  Alex’s Snow Day Party featured on Socially Circled is just one of these types of parties.  I love how they were praying for it to be cold outside to pull this party off!

Other favorite ideas shared here include the Snow Punch Recipe, the Hot Chocolate Bar, and the eye-popping red, white, and blue colors used.  (Those colors aren’t just for the 4th of July!)

Hope you find inspiration here as you plan your own winter parties this season.

Thanks so much, Jill, for sharing with Peppers and Pollywogs!

Photo Credit: Holly Kittle Photography

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  1. Thanks for featuring mylittle boy’s party Peppers & Pollywogs!

    Jill said on January 7, 2011

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