So, who doesn’t love the Oscars? I always find it a marvelous time for a party, especially for kids. Perhaps you didn’t think of it this time, and/or perhaps you will remember for next year, but here are some fun suggestions for your own Academy Award evening with your little stars!!

Roll out a red carpet!

Have your kids dress up. This is a time for little girls to don their prettiest, fanciest dresses, or to play dress up with Mom’s high heels and lipstick. It will be a lot of fun either way you go!

Play some Oscar games. Make up your own “kid-friendly” categories with movies that all of your kids saw during the past year. Give out prizes to everyone, and have your own “presenters” for the prizes or the awards. You can do your personalized award presentations during commercial breaks.  Go to Amazon for the “Oscars.”

Serve party food and fizzy cocktails. Fancy sandwiches, dainty appetizers, petit fours, little chocolates, ice cream with fancy toppings, and fizzy lemonades or other types of juices jazzed up (plop candies into ice cubes to make those fancy) are perfect for this party. Make sure to thank your guests for coming with a grand toast!

Everyone should win an Oscar tonight. Give out a parting gift as the guests depart for the evening. A fancy little goody bag with movie memorabilia would be a fun twist, and given what real presenters receive gratis just for giving out awards, it seems very appropriate. Or pick one of your favorite movies, such as Chicken Little, and give out stuff that goes along that movie theme!

It won’t take too much time or effort to make your party guests feel like stars!! You may also want to have parents come to this one … it is a theme for everyone to enjoy. Just be sure to have some fun prepared for the kids!

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