The delightful Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party is often a popular theme for a birthday party. If your daughter is interested in a tea party, but has to invite all of the boys in the classroom, a Mad Hatter tea party theme may work well.

Let’s look at some fun activities that can be done at the party to begin:

Decorate your party room with lots of live-sized cards, such as the king of hearts or queen of spades. At the party table, have several packs of cards lying around so the kids can play with them during the party. You can also spread the cards around the table as an additional decoration. Also, toss all types of hats around the party room.

When the kids arrive, have them make their own Mad Hatter hats. Go to a variety store and purchase all sorts of different hats that the kids can decorate. Once they have them decorated, have the kids wear their hats during the party, and take them home as a goody. You can also give out prizes for a hat competition in categories like “most unusual,” “most beautiful,” etc. (Just make sure to have prizes for each kid’s creation.)

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  1. We just threw my daughter a Queen of Hearts party for her 4th birthday. She was the Queen of hearts with a tiara and scepter. We all dressed up fancy: I was the duchess, her baby sister was the White Queen and my husband was the Mad Hatter. A blonde friend came as Alice. We had tiaras for the girls and top hats for the boys. A couple of people wore bunny ears to be the White Rabbit and the March Hare. We had heart shpaed cookies that said “Eat Me” and all of our cups said “Drink Me”. We decorated with red and white roses and lots of hearts decorations and balloons. We also used sidewalk chalk to deignate the house as the Queen of Hearts Palace and write out popular quotes from the book (“we’re all mad here”, “all ways here are the queen’s ways”, etc.). For favors we gave the kids cheap copies of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland book and her relatives packs of playing cards that had photos of her dressed up as the Queen on them. All told, we spent under $100 thanks to Oriental Trading and our local dollar store. And most importantly, our daughter was thrilled.

    Alexis said on October 15, 2008
  2. We are throwing a party for my daughter, Piper’s 1st birthday in the Alice in Wonderland Theme. I’ve kind f went overboard, as usual for the first birthday.
    I rented 3 long tables from the party store. They were like 8 dollars a table. I rented 24 chairs for 99 cents per chair. One table was for the children, one table for the adults, and one table for the food/cake. I am placing koolaid bursts out for the children to drink with tags that say drink me on them. For the adults (this may be tacky for some of you, but wonderful for our guests :P ) we rented a fountain that has a continous flow of five gallons of punch, in which will be hurricanes from pat O’briens. I have a 3 tiered crooked cake, and food. The childrens table has a blue and white table cloth for the Alice table. I bought a HUGE teacup planter at the local walmart and put styrofoam in it and glued easter grass on top of it. I will have cookies on a stick that say “eat me” stuck in there. The food table is pink /purple for the cheshire cat. Adult table green/yellow for the mad hatter. I have miniature tea pots all over the kids table. I have pastel polka dotted balloons I purchased on ebay at each table. I have different sized lanterns hung that I bought for a dollar to two dollars at the Hobby Lobby in the colors of the balloons, Purple, blue, pink, lime green, orange. This will be held in the back yard so upon entering the back year, I will have a green balloon arch w/green streamers and a wooden sign that says Rabbit hole. I bought huge flowers that stick into the ground, added eyes and mouths in differnet sizes to put along the walk way with another sign to say “this way and That way” I bought a light projector at the hobby lobby for 20 w/40 percent off and traced all the alice in wonderland characters the size of large poster board. I will have the rabbit in various places leading from the main road to our house “Follow the white rabbit” When they get to my street I will have all of the characters together w/ the queen of hearts holding heart balloons. Alice drawing will be at the balloon arch rabbit hole holding a bunch of polka dotted balloons.
    Plates/napkins / utensils are in differnet colors : Lime green, Turqoise Blue, Hot Pink, and bright yellow. all for 1 dollar at the walmart. I also have a moonwalk for the kids.

    Robin said on February 11, 2009
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