All About Hearts First Birthday PartyIf your baby is turning 1 this February, especially around the middle of the month, a heart-themed party may appeal to you! There are some easy and very budget-friendly ways to get this party planned.

Send out heart invitations with a cute heart-felt poem that captures the theme of your party.

Use red, white, and perhaps pink balloons and streamers for decorations. Cover your party table with a red tablecloth. If the tablecloth is paper, draw white hearts all over it; if it is fabric, cut out white hearts and attach them all over it. Have a large stuffed red heart in the middle of your table, and attach heart-shaped Mylar balloons to it for added festivity. Cut out both small and large hearts, and place them all over the party room.

Find or make a bunch of hearts in different colors, shapes, and materials. On the back of each, make up personality traits to match the heart. (For example, a heart covered with feathers may be “light hearted,” a torn heart may be “broken,” a green heart may be “jealous,” a yellow heart may be “sour,” a plump heart may be “generous,” etc.) Hang the hearts on the wall or to a small tree, and have your guests choose one. It will reveal something about their personality!

For your menu, serve all things in heart shapes. Use a heart cookie cutter to make sandwiches and fruit salad. Make heart-shaped pot pies, heart-shaped face cookies, heart-shaped pasta salad, and heart crackers with cheeses cut into hearts.

Amazon has a great selection of heart cookie cutters in a range of prices.

A heart-shaped cake is also the way to go for this party. If you don’t have a heart-shaped pan, check out this recipe. The Sweet Heart Cut-Up Cake from Kraft Foods looks yummy if you enjoy coconut, too.

For a goody, a great idea would be to take a photo of your one-year-old and place it in a small heart frame for your guests to take home.

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