What age is appropriate for Pinatas? Kids always love a Pinata as a party game.  It’s a great activity as you can often find them to match just about any theme, you can have older kids make a Pinata, and you can stuff the Pinata with age-appropriate party fun.  Kids who are three or older will be safe with the Pinata.  Make sure to keep the following guidelines in mind when planning:

  • Hang the Pinata low enough that the kids can easily hit it.
  • Have the kids use a plastic bat to hit the Pinata.
  • Fill the Pinata with stuff that is age-appropriate.  The most common filling is candy, but you could also fill it with soft toys if you are worried that the kids will get hurt when the Pinata breaks.
  • Keep it organized, i.e. have the other guests who are not hitting the Pinata stand back from the area and out of potentially being hit by the bat. 
  • Have an adult supervise the kid who is blindfolded and trying to hit the Pinata to keep him in the general vicinity of the pinata and on track to hit it.
  • When it breaks, have little baskets or bags available for the kids to collect their goodies in.  You may want to hand these out before the game begins because when it breaks there will be a flurry of excitement to get to the goodies.

If you are still looking for pinatas, there are tons out there, and many match existing birthday themes. 


With proper adult supervision, age appropriate goodies inside, and being able to choose one that matches your theme, Pinatas are a wonderful party game.  Enjoy the fun!

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