shutterstock_24767623Banana splits are so yummy, especially for kids during summertime. One of the BEST parts of this ice cream classic is that you can either make your own concoctions or stick to the tried and true. If your kid loves to make and eat banana splits, a great summer birthday party could revolve all around making, judging, and eating them!

And if this is not quite what you are looking for, never fear!  Check out our Big List of Birthday Party Ideas for more great kid party plans!

Here are ideas to bring this ice cream party alive:

  • Make invitations using bright yellow construction paper cut out into the shape of bananas. Write all of the birthday party details on one side, and draw brown spots on the other. Alternatively, hand-deliver real bananas with tags tied to them that include all of the birthday party details. In the invitation, ask the guests to bring their own favorite ingredient for making banana splits along with them, or have them bring a banana that they dress up in some way, e.g. with a hat on it.
  • Decorate the party area with yellow and brown balloons, streamers, and partyware. Have a large piece of butcher paper lying flat on a table. The kids can draw a huge banana split together and hang it in the party area.  To make your life easy, order  partyware, balloons and decorations  from Celebrate Express, which I love.  No overspending at the local party store and everything delivered to your door.
  • Make the banana splits on the party table. Be sure to arrange the table so that there are dishes with all of the toppings laid out, as well as spoons, bowls, etc. You may want to pull the chairs away from the table while the kids are making their sundaes.

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