A great game to play whether it be for a rainy afternoon, a family gathering, or a kids’ birthday is charades. It is easy in that it requires 4 kids to play, a stopwatch to keep time, and “idea” cards. These can be of anything or around a particular theme, i.e. if you are having a barnyard animal party, you can have the kids play charades around the animals in the barn.

This is a good party game, in particular, because it requires action and movement and everyone can take their turn to be in the spotlight. Have a collection of pictures gathered either of random stuff or to match your party theme. Have the kids each pick a card out of a bowl, and then they have to act that “idea” out for the kids to guess in a designated period of time.

This can become more difficult as kids get older. Giving them movie titles, as an example, and really tracking those minutes. The team with the least amount of time on the board to figure out the other team’s charades, wins.

So, it is an old fashioned games, but can be played throughout the ages. If you are interested in learning the exact rules/signals for the game, check out this article on Rules for Charades.

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