I love the song “The Three R’s” by Jack Johnson from the Curious George CD. Of course, the three R’s refer to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This is a great message to remember and song to sing as we come up on Earth Day in April.

If you are looking for ways to celebrate the earth with your kids, check out these fun and easy ideas:

  1. If you don’t already have a bird feeder, purchase an inexpensive one, fill it with seeds, and watch the birds flock to your yard. It will be fun to see the birds eat their snacks and learn about the birds and wildlife in your area.
  2. Plant a tree in your yard or a row of tulip bulbs that will bloom each spring.
  3. Clean up your neighborhood or a local park. Grab a trash bag and a pair of gloves, and go out on a trash hunt. You may want to organize this activity with other families in your neighborhood.
  4. Visit an elderly neighbor’s home, and volunteer to pull weeds, cut the grass, and plant flowers.
  5. Plant a selection of herbs in pots to place in your windowsill, and let your kids water and prune them. If you need one of the herbs when you are cooking, ask the kids to cut a few leaves to use. During the meal, ask your kids if they can taste what they have grown.
  6. Give examples of types of materials that can or cannot be recycled. Test your kids’ recycling I.Q. by having them pick out what is and what is not recyclable.
  7. Have a fun day in the dirt by letting your kids dig for worms. See what else they can unearth during their dig.
  8. If it happens to be raining, head outdoors sans umbrella and delight in the rain. Discuss the water cycle and why rain is such a good thing for the Earth.

Earth Day is a time to come together, celebrate our great planet, and discuss how we can take care of her for generations to come. Enjoy bringing the day alive for your kids through simple activities and discussion.

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