If your kid wants a gross party this year, you can always spoof the reality TV show, Fear Factor, as your theme.  Check out these ideas and activities to really gross ‘em out:

On your invitation, pique the kids’ interest by asking some questions: Have you eaten live bugs?  Do you eat mud? etc.

Make sure to use decorations in the infamous black and yellow colors of the show.

Here are some gross activities:

Serve a fly dessert, chocolate covered raisins, and tell a story about how you got these little delicacies: they are actually flies that you removed the wings from, etc. Give each kid 5 to eat as fast as they can and make them open their mouth and show you that it is gone!

Have an Icy Cold Challenge. Fill a baby pool with water, and place plastic spiders, slimy bugs, and marbles throughout the water. Place a plastic tablecloth over the pool, and cut out a few slits for the kids to put their hands through.  Allow 4 kids to compete at the same time.  They have to pick up as many marbles as they can in 30 seconds by placing one hand through the slit.  Make the water icy cold by adding loads of ice right before the game begins!

Have a Rotten Egg Challenge. Divide the kids into two different teams, and have two buckets filled with eggs and dirt. Crack an egg into the first kid’s hands and have them pass the egg to the next person in line, and so on. The last kid in line must put what is left of the egg in a cup.  The team with the most rotten egg left over wins!

Serve Pig Snot to eat!  Place bubble gum in the middle of a cupcake liner and place whipped cream on top which has green food coloring mixed in to look like snot.  The kids must eat the snot and then blow a bubble with the pig’s tongue, i.e. the chewing gum.  First one to complete the task wins!

Have a Bug Hunt!  Boil lots of spaghetti noodles, 5-10 lbs based on your party numbers.  Boil them in water that has been tinted green with food coloring.  Place the noodles into two large pans.  Hide plastic bugs or plastic spiders in the noodles.  Provide the kids with shower caps and swimming goggles and have them use their mouths only to find the bugs.  Give each kid 30 seconds to hunt!

Send them home with the bugs they just hunted!

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  1. Mustard Marshmallows
    Have contestants lay on their backs. Place a chair at the head of each contestant with volunteers from the audience standing on the chairs. The volunteers dip marshmallows in mustard, hold their arm straight out and drop them to the contestant’s mouth below them. The top 8 to catch and eat the most mustard marshmallows move on to the next round. (The top however many depend on how many you have playing, of course.)

    Baby pee- soak a diaper in Mountain Dew. Squeeze it in a glass in front of the kids for effect. Make them drink it.

    Night Crawlers- sour worms dipped in honey and crushed oreos

    Goat eyeballs – peeled grapes

    Chocolate covered slugs- green beans dipped in chocolate

    Pig blood – V8 juice and bits of bacon bits

    Baby puke – baby food spinach

    Una. Williams said on May 12, 2009
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  3. Buggers on a stick – put green food coloring in cheese dip and dip a pretzel in it.
    Dirty q-tips-I used small sucker sticks and put a mini marsmallow dipped in melted butterscotch chips

    Lisa Kimball said on January 12, 2011

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