Flower Fairy Party Theme Here are some fantastic ideas for your flower fairy kids party from one of our visitors:

We are giving our 6-year-old a flower fairy-themed party this week. We introduced her to Cicely Barker Poetry and she is hooked, and from this she has learned flower names and habits. It’s wonderful!

Our flower fairy party will be held at an herb farm on Long Island. It is a beautiful location, but a home yard is fine too.

For Kids’ Fairy Costumes:

I’ve cut wings from poster board, and the girls will have a chance to paint and decorate them. While they dry in the sun, there will be a treasure hunt.

We’ve made wands out of paint stir sticks and have cut craft foam into flower shapes. When the wings have dried, the girls will put them on and we will have them spin, count to three, and then they will become beautiful fairies with their wings and wands.

For the Fairy Party Menu:

We are serving snacks, such as fruit, punch, cheese and crackers, and PBJ sandwiches shaped like daisies. To make them, cut a small hole with an apple corer in the center of the top slice of bread, and layer PBJ on bottom layer of bread. Sandwich the bread together, and cut with it a cookie cutter … the jelly will poke out of hole!

We had a bakery copy and image of a flower fairy onto a cake for the dessert.

For the Fairy Party Activities:

They will play Flower Fairy Hide and Seek and blow bubbles as well.

For the Fairy Party Favors:

Our party favors are fairy dolls which I have made, very inexpensive sticker books, and book marks from Dover publishing. We also made “fairy dust” from white craft sand, glitter, potpourri and flower-shaped spangles. We put the mixture into a draw string bag (the kind they sell at wedding supply shops) and typed a message that reads, “Sprinkle fairy dust at twilight, by dawn fairies dance with delight!” ~ a take off on the reindeer food idea.

Thanks, KK, for these fabulous party ideas! Have fun!

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  1. This is a great idea! And sounds like a lot of fun. If you need more fairy costume and wing ideas you can look at http://thefairygathering.com for some great ideas on patterns, colors, wings, etc. Great source for inspiration!

    Holly said on April 28, 2010
  2. So cute! I wish I had a fairy birthday party when I was little. Then again, I wish I had any birthday party at all when I was little…

    Steph said on March 18, 2011
  3. [...] is yellow, orange, brown and green. They are also extremely suitable for flower themed parties and fairy flower parties, as well as anything related to gardens and overall happiness. Brighten up your Halloween by [...]

    Sunflower Costumes for Kids said on July 26, 2011

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