Halloween Decorations Treasure Hunt CluesIt’s coming on Halloween season again, and it’s the perfect season for a Halloween Treasure Hunt.  We love coming up with clues for your very own hunts, and this year is no exception. (See these other Halloween treasure hunt clues too.)

Check out the clues:

If you find your next clue, I hope that you’ll grin. It’s under a vegetable that’s lit from within. (Jack o’ Lantern)

Where’s the next clue? I think that I saw … the last one holding it was made out of straw. (Scarecrow)

Some say I’m corny, but I’m also quite sweet …  finding the next clue will sure be a treat! (Candy Corn)

I’ve got spirit, yes I do, but even when I’m cheering, I still say boo! (I’ll try not to scare you when you come for your clue.) (Ghost)

Let’s get to the “point” of your next clue: It’s really quite eerie … when the woman who wears me calls children “Dearie.” (Witch’s Hat)

Hey, I’ve got a “bone” to pick with you …. It’s about time you come get this clue. (Skeleton)

By 8 hairy legs, I have been spun … if you can find me, your clue will be won. (Spider Web)

Boil, boil, toil and trouble. Come get your next clue, on the double! (Cauldron)

With my body of wood and feet made of straw, I’m the strangest flying vehicle that you ever saw! (Broomstick)

My body is black and my legs count 4. Some say it’s bad luck when I cross the floor. (Black Cat)

You’ll be green with envy over the bolts in my neck… I may have your clue, why don’t you come check? (Frankenstein)

Happy Halloween hunting!

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  1. I’ve been looking for days for a good treasure hunt for my 9 year-old’s Halloween party! You have just exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for posting it! It’s wonderful!

    Laura said on September 29, 2009

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