Halloween Treasure Hunt CluesHere are some Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues for your upcoming Halloween Party you can use regardless of where you hide subsequent clues. You must fill in the details based on where you hide your clues!

Happy Halloween To You,
Get Your Glo-Sticks to Look For The Clues
Don’t Get Scared When the Ghosts Go Boo!
Look Under ______ for Clue #2!

Jump for Glee
When You Find Clue #3
Under the _____
It Will Be!!

Are You Ready To Go,
Outside the Front Door,
Sitting On _____ is Clue #4

To The Back Yard We Go,
Under the ____,
Let’s All Look Alive
As We Find Clue #5

Clue #6 Is Under ______ In The Front Yard
Don’ t Worry About Finding It,
It Really Won’t Be Hard!
Are You Getting Tired Yet?

Clue #7 is Under _______
Be Careful When You Look,
So You Don’t Bonk Your Head!

Finally, you must find the treasure itself, but first you must pass through the witches and ghosts!

If you are looking for Treasure Hunt Clue Cards for your party, FamilyFun.com has some excellent ideas, including black cat printables and clue cards. Check these out!

If you haven’t already done so, read how to organize a treasure hunt.

Do you have a good treasure hunt clue or two? Share your clue in the discussion section below — and help other parents too!

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  1. [...] Cranium also has some ready-made Treasure Hunt Clue Cards for you to easily print, write, and hand out at the party. If you want to make your own, they can be as simple as using construction paper and cutting them out into different shapes and sizes and writing your clues to writing the clues in fanciful long-hand, burning the edges a bit, and rolling them up into little scrolls which unveil the next clue…very good idea for a pirate party. Yes, definitely, you will need Treasure Hunt Clue Cards to get the Hunt going! Enjoy developing the clues or use some of our clue rhymes! [...]

  2. [...] Looking for other treasure hunt ideas? Read about organizing a treasure hunt, getting clue cards, or clues for other themes (St. Patrick’s, April Fool’spirate, Halloween) . [...]

  3. my clues for a pre-teen treasure hunt-creepy text used
    Halloween Greetings to you,
    It’s now time to look for the first clue….
    Don’t be afraid when the ghosts go “BOO”!!
    Just look near a pond for clue number two!
    Say Hurray and Jump for Glee…
    You’re still alive to find #3
    Look around where the apples are pressed
    And with luck, there “It” will be!!!!
    Are you ready to go on?
    Be prepared for more gore…..
    Inside a bucket
    Your will find clue number four!

    To the Grave Yard
    Where the Dead Come Alive…
    Don’t be Scared,
    Look Clue number five….
    Clue number six is in the Back Yard…
    Don’t worry, It won’t be that hard….
    Under an Arbor that is hauntingly high
    Soaring above you it seems to fly!
    A basket in a garden
    Filled with thorns and fruit
    The next clue is hiding…
    You are getting close to the loot!

    Don’t despair, the END is very NEAR….
    Just Be Careful, and never show FEAR!
    Remember, The Dead Come Alive after Dark,
    But you are courageous, so this seems like a Lark!
    For a treasure so great you are willing to Search….
    Now climb up a mountainside near where the birds like to perch,
    And Slide to the depths, then look behind you
    But, don’t bonk your head when you dig under a shoe!

    Happy Halloween!
    Congratulations! You survived to tell the tale…
    Now head inside and grab a mug of ale!
    Your treasure is great,
    So hoist high the Sack…
    Just live for today, because the OWNER wants it BACK!!!!

    julie said on October 18, 2007
  4. a second set of clues…does this help anyone?if so, i’m working on a third set of them. let me know if you want them. julie
    All Hallows Eve Greetings
    To you, my young friend,
    This be your first clue, now you must find number two,
    Find the place where the mail you would “send”
    You found it I see….
    How smart you all are,
    Number three will be harder…
    Explore the place where you’d park a car…
    I can see I’ve met my match,
    Now I’ll contact the ghouls
    To make this more difficult,
    Look around the back pools….

    Now for clue number five,
    The ghosts are undaunted
    So better BEWARE
    The Lath house is HAUNTED
    I am impressed with your courage,
    For you nearly are there…
    For Clue Number Six
    Seek a “floating” Chair!
    A Gate with a LOCK
    Seems like an eerie place
    But that be the spot
    Soon the treasure you’ll taste!

    You are very brave and have shown little fear,
    Now, don’t despair or give up,
    As the treasure is near!
    This seems very odd, but look for a small pup,
    He is more scary than dear
    But you must lift him up…
    Under the dog, and his fanged gruesome head,
    Dig for your treasure,
    And, TRY to not end up DEAD….

    Congratulations! You have survived this treacherous trip…
    Now for a warm cup of ale, because you deserve a sip!
    Rejoice and be happy, and please don’t feel blue…
    You’ve discovered the treasure! But beware! Now someone is looking for YOU!

    julie said on October 19, 2007
  5. julie,
    Thanks for the clues, the treasure hunt must’ve been a blast!

    sienna said on October 19, 2007
  6. 1
    Good Evening my Friends
    This is the start of the race
    To find the all the clues
    You must look in the right place
    Clue number two may be hidden too good….
    Should you check where it freezes?
    Yes, I think you should!

    Well, well, well, what do we have we here?
    Take heed my young crew, it is too soon to cheer,
    That was too easy, we must have a show!
    It will become harder the farther you go!
    So all stick together, do not shed a tear…
    For your next clue look next to a TOE!

    So you think this is easy?
    Well, it just may become hard
    Because the next clue is under
    A ball in the GRAVEYARD!

    Now for clue number five,
    The ghosts are undaunted…
    So you’d better BEWARE
    The Back Porch is HAUNTED!!!

    My brave little souls, you nearly are there…
    But now it seems that the ghouls want their share!!
    They don’t give up easy, so you’d better beware…
    A mailbox seems likely, but PLEASE TAKE CARE!!

    You made it! That’s awesome!!
    It’s hard to believe…
    That creatures so young, might actually retrieve
    A fortune to die for-(It’s too late to leave!)
    So, if you want to continue this quest,
    Look for a young bride whose groom must now grieve!

    You are all very courageous young souls!
    For this last clue I must again call on the ghouls!
    To keep you from finding the treasure so dear,
    They will try to dissuade you and stir up your fear!
    The treasure awaits you in a far-away garden
    In the north-western corner where the arteries harden
    In the dead who went lookin’ for this treasure afore ye,
    Dig under a stone and the treasure you’ll see!

    You have at last found the purse!
    But heed this warning; it may hold a curse…
    The revenge of the OWNER of course will be sure,
    But this kind great booty is a dangerous lure…
    For all kinds of Ghoolies want this even more!
    So have a drink and celebrate but heed my caution, do,
    When you are alone one starlit night,

    julie said on October 20, 2007
  7. That is so beautiful… you helped me organize great treasure hunt. Let me know if you have clues for generic (Nice Summer day party) clues…

    Nitin said on October 26, 2007
  8. Ladies thank you! I live in Kenya and have no idea about treasure hunts so its great to have this info so we can do our second halloween for kids.

    Jules said on October 28, 2007
  9. Sample treasure hunt cards, if you choose to have this activity!

    Maggie said on October 17, 2008
  10. great clues – we’ll have a go! Hope you have a fun Halloween.

    anne said on October 28, 2008
  11. These are ALL great clues, thanks everyone. I am splitting kids up into two teams, so having all these to choose from will be great! :) Happy Halloween everyone.


    Annie Shaw said on October 29, 2008
  12. These are great clues and rhymes thanks guys I’m so going to use them for some fun this year!

    Jenna said on August 19, 2009
  13. [...] for a Halloween Treasure Hunt. We love coming up with clues for your very own hunts, see these clues too, and this year is no exception. Mike, Peppers and Pollywogs own poet, has created a great set [...]

  14. these were great and I am giving my kids a halloween party this year and i will most definitely use these and pass them on. THANK YOU

    bigredd01 said on September 27, 2009
  15. I have modified some of the above comments and made a treasure hunt for my Halloween party that is a little more inside-friendly. Thank you for the use of the great ideas posted before me.

    All Hallow’s Eve Greetings
    To you, my young friend
    This is your first clue,
    Find the place where mail would send.

    You found it I see,
    How smart you all are!
    The next will be harder,
    Explore where you would park a car.

    The next clue may be hidden too good,
    Should you check where it freezes?
    Yes, I think you should!

    Perhaps you will find treasure
    in the air,
    If not, look under a chair.

    No, you will not find treasure here,
    Search the sinks, and have no fear!

    If your search
    Remains uncertain
    You might find it
    Under a curtain

    You will have to try once more,
    You may find it
    Near the back door

    Now don’t be scared,
    There’s nothing to dread!
    You might try looking
    Under the bed!

    The treasure is near,
    Now make a wish
    And look in the place
    You might see some fish

    You are getting closer,
    To the treasure trove,
    Look where dinner is made,
    Its near the stove

    The end is close
    But you have to search more,
    Its lurking somewhere
    Behind a bedroom door!

    When you find the treasure,
    You will do a little dance,
    Be sure to look here
    Before you wet your pants!

    Okay my litle ghouls
    Forget all your woes,
    And look in a place
    You might hang up clothes

    You found the loot,
    You are all dressed up in your Halloween suits!
    Rejoice and be happy, and don’t feel blue..
    But BEWARE!
    Someone is now hunting YOU!!!

    Carrie Ciechanowski said on October 23, 2009
  16. [...] organizing a treasure hunt, getting clue cards, or clues for other themes (St. Patrick’s, April Fool’spirate, [...]

  17. Besides writing riddles, you can use puzzles as well. For example, you can make a mirror puzzle (mirrored text), you can make a jig-saw (simple one) puzzle, you can make a maze and so on and so forth.
    You can also incorporate both a “puzzle” and a “riddle” together to form a two-step clue, this is what we usually make.
    Due diligence: I offer paid treasure hunt printout.
    however I am also hosting a few pages where you can get free, very cool ideas for puzzles. Try this:

    Have fun

    ilan said on July 7, 2011

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