Holiday Treasure Hunt CluesLooking for other treasure hunt ideas? Read about organizing a treasure hunt, getting clue cards, or clues for other themes (St. Patrick’s, April Fool’s,pirate, Halloween).

If you are having a treasure hunt this season at your holiday party, and are looking for clues to use, find some sample clues below that utilize holiday places and goods in your home for you to send them holiday hunting…

  • Sometimes I am a powder, sometimes a crystal, no matter, however, I’ll always make your goodies sweeter. (Sugar bowl of canister in your kitchen.)
  • I welcome with a green sprig or a jingle, I beckon you in for a holiday giggle. (A wreath hanging on your front door.)
  • I am hung with some care to make sure that St. Nicholas will soon be there. (Stockings, of course.)
  • I make the presents glisten with care, yet I will be gone with a few simple tears! (Wrapping Paper Station)
  • I’m piping hot this time of year, from roasts to cookies, turn me on and watch the temp rise far and beyond. (Oven)
  • I’m white, puffy, and smooth and add much fun to your cocoa! (Bowl of Marshmallows.)
  • Fresh and crisp, I am tall and green and add a touch of nature to your merriment. (Christmas Tree.)
  • With a corncob pipe, and a button nose, and my eyes are made out of… (Perhaps you have some fake snow as a decoration in your home, that would be tricky, or somewhere in the real snow outdoors?)
  • Greetings Galore this time of year from family, friends and neighbors both near and far. (Basket of holiday cards.)
  • In red and green, blue and silver, I will illuminate your room with no more than a flicker. (Assortment of holiday candles, the kids will have to find the right candle for their next clue, of course.)

As the kids find each clue, have little festive chocolates and candies for them to enjoy along the treasure hunt path.

The final clue can reveal small wrapped prizes for the kids to unwrap or even stickers, always a kid favorite.

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