shutterstock_11720017Here are some fun ideas for a ladybug party this spring and summer.

Upon the guest’s arrival, give the kids ladybug attire, such as an antennae made out of a plastic headband, black pom poms, and black pipe cleaners. has a very cute ladybug dress up set, too!

For an activity, supply each guest with a bug catcher kit that has a net and a clear plastic bug holder. Release real ladybugs and have the kids try to catch as many as they can. The “goody bag” can be the container of ladybugs, or you can even order these “good bugs” for you guests. The kids can take them home and release the bugs in their own backyards.

Print out interesting ladybug facts and tape a different one to each of the clear plastic containers so the children can learn something about ladybugs.

When you give out prizes, try to find things like note pads, pencils, stickers, and erasers with ladybugs on them.

Buy enough small flower pots for each guest and one large flower pot for the birthday kid. Have your birthday child and guests stamp their fingerprints on the pots with red paint. Each fingerprint can be a ladybug’s body. The kids can also paint black dots onto each ladybug. At the end of the party, the kids can take the pots home. You can also use the large pot as a centerpiece and fill the small pots with crushed Oreo cookies and gummy worms. The children can eat this as a dessert.

Play Pin the Spot on the Ladybug!

Cut out hundreds of black spots and write “winner” on the backs of a few of them. Tape the spots everywhere: indoors where the guests will enter or all around the party table. Toward the end of the party, have the children collect all of the spots. The ones who find the spots with “winner” written on the back win a prize!

Have an excellent ladybug adventure with these ideas!

Check out these ladybug party supplies. They’re very cute!

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