Pippi Longstocking, a character in a series of books written by Astrid Lingren, is a children’s classic character. Pippi is an independent little girl who lives alone in a Tumbledown house with her pet monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and her horse. She is always doing things in an extraordinary way with a unique perspective. I loved Pippi as a child and she lives on for all generations to enjoy. You may find that your own daughter reminds you of dear Pippi or that she is fascinated by the life of Miss Longstocking. Perhaps a party based on Pippi Longstocking would be extraordinary fun for your daughter and her friends. if the idea appeals, check out these ideas:

Base your party on the tale of Pippi who has an adventure celebrating her own birthday with her neighbors, Aniika and Tommy.

  1. Send out a Pippi invitation with misspelled words, as Pippi sends to her friends.
  2. When the kids arrive, paint freckles on each of the kids’ faces.
  3. Either have the guests braid one another’s hair to look like Pippi or have adult volunteers braid the kids’ hair.
  4. Make Pippi’s favorite recipe, Swedish Pepparkakors.
  5. Pippi won’t let her guests stand on the kitchen floor, and it becomes a game. Make different shapes and tape them all over your kitchen or party floor…make it a game that your guests cant touch the floor either. Play music and have the kids step on all of the different shapes. When the music stops, all the kids must be on a shape or they are out. Noone should touch the kitchen floor!
  6. Pippi takes great pleasure in giving her own guests gifts. Have your birthday kid give small trinket gifts to her guests.
  7. Have a scavenger hunt to look for penny candy ~ a favorite of Pippi’s. Provide little bags for the kids to gather their goodies…these can be the goody bag that they take home.

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  1. This is a great theme!
    For invitations, you could do a “message in a bottle” with a little sand & shells in it. Pirate things would work with a Pippi party as well…think treasure hunt. Don’t forget to make big horse & monkey shaped cookies like she does in one of the movies! If you can find a few large fridge boxes you could make a Villa Villakula house with funky pink, green, & yellow colors. The birthday girl will have fun painting it and the kids can play in it during the party. Instead of party hats, make Pippi braids out of cheap headbands, orange yarn, & wire for the girls to wear. If you have boys attending they can wear pirate hats. For favors you can make bags of gold with black paper favor bags and chocolate gold coins. A hot air balloon would be an easy pinata to make with the birthday child. When it’s time to eat you can do it picnic style. Hide sodas & prizes in a tree outside for the kids to find. Decorations can be fun & crazy like a fake bottle of Conrads glue, a giant drawing of Old Man, stuffed money hanging from the chandelier, a clock with the wrong time, pirate items etc.

    Cinni said on January 3, 2010

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