Yo ho ho! If you are looking to set up a pirate treasure hunt for your pirate (or any other kids) party, you can organize it in a couple of ways:

For very young children (under the age of 5), simply hide gold coins in your party area, and give the kids small mesh bags to put their loot in! It’s easy and fun. This candy can also be used as the party goody bag.

If your party guests are older kids, provide them with a pirate treasure map. Create one by burning the edges of some brown paper and drawing a map on it. The kids must follow the map to the treasure. At each point, have a clue available for the kids to solve before they move on to the next location. Alternatively, provide clues that take them around an area and eventually lead to the treasure. Around ten clues would be ideal.

If this activity is part of a larger, pirate-themed party, check out the awesome personalized party supplies from Celebrate Express!  These are just too cool!

pirate supplies

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  1. [...] Looking for other treasure hunt ideas? Read about organizing a treasure hunt, getting clue cards, or clues for other themes (St. Patrick’s, April Fool’spirate, Halloween). [...]

  2. Treasure Hunt
    This is one of the classic pirate games. It’s extremely fun and interactive!! The kids love it…. You can get a complete treasure hunt activity set, or put one together on your own.
    You can make up practically anything for clues. Here’s an idea that’ll suit a group of different ages – use nursery rhymes for the clues. For example, the first clue can be: “The itsy, bitsy __________ climbed up the __________ _________. Spider and Water Spout are the clues. Once they figure this out, the next clue can be hidden (taped to the bottom of) a rubber black spider taped on the gutter in your back yard or on some sort of water spout. Another clue can be Jack & Jill went up a hill to fetch a _______ __ ______. The next clue can be floating in a vile in a pail of water. Another idea for a clue can be: Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your ________ grow? Hide this clue clue in your garden. Get the idea? At the end of the hunt, find an interesting place marked with a large X to hide a treasure chest filled with a goodie box with each kids name on it. This way the kids won’t all be grabbing for the loot, while the little kids get nothing.

    shannika said on January 6, 2009
  3. What a wonderful idea. Thank You!!

    Trish said on March 28, 2009
  4. Thanks so much for those fun (and FREE) clues! I do hunts with my kids regularly, and there are a couple other good sites where you can find these types of printable treasure hunt games online which I’ve personally used in the past like Riddle Me and Treasure-Adventure.com. Riddle Me will work better for you if you have young preschool children – they sell software that lets you create your own clues and generate hunts, whereas Treasure-adventure seems to target kids ages 5 and up, and they have instant downloads of the hunts with the clues already made which involve a little more challenging riddle solving for the older children. I think they both have themed hunts for holidays too & although they do charge small fees for their hunts, they also offer quite a few free activities and printables on their sites so if you need more hunts or free activities check them out!

    Jennifer said on May 23, 2009
  5. [...] If you want to make your own, try cutting construction paper into different shapes and sizes, writing your clues out in fancy long hand, burning the edges of the paper, and rolling the clues into little scrolls. These would be particularly good at a pirate party. Enjoy developing your own clues, or use some of our clue rhymes! [...]

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  8. Lucky jack’s treasure hunt iPhone app
    Modern day treasure hunt
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    Luck jack said on August 23, 2010

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