Amount of Time: 10 – 20 Hours
Budget: $250 – $750
Age Group: 9 to 14 years
Number of Guests: 5 to 10
Indoors/Outdoors: Indoors in a good sized room that is out of the way of normal household traffic, i.e. basement. Also, if you wanted to host a party away from the house, if you rented a hotel suite, this would also be a good place to host a spa party.

Special Notes: This is an excellent choice for 9-14 year old girls. They will love the idea of “going to the spa” for an afternoon or an overnight slumber with their best friends. This party is a bit more sophisticated, as it will not require balloons and streamers, but rather relaxation, treatments, perhaps a yoga stretch. The food is a bit more sophisticated as well. You could make an old-fashioned fruit-cake for a dessert instead of a traditional birthday cake. Girls will just love this party!

And if this is not quite what you are looking for, never fear!  Check out our Big List of Birthday Party Ideas for more great kid party plans!

This party can be a bit more expensive, as you may have to hire people to do the spa treatments, also the food may cost a bit more, as much of the menu is fresh veggies and fruits, and the goody bags will contain little beauty goods. Limiting the number of people who attend, having your friends provide the spa treatments, having it last for a couple of hours, instead of an overnight celebration, will all keep costs down, of course.


Cut out shapes of nail polish bottles, lipsticks, etc, and decorate the front cover with little rhinestones. Inside the invitation, you can invite them to a “SPArty!” Include the rest of the details inside as well.

You can have the birthday girl hand-deliver little compact mirrors. When the guests open their compacts, inside you can have folded a little sheet of paper with all of the spa-ish details.


Have a sign outside of the party room welcoming guests to the spa.

Partyware and decorations can be had conveniently (order online and delivered to your door) from Celebrate Express, which I love.  No overspending at the local party store!  Order supplies in coordinating colors, or pick your birthday’s girl’s fave color combo.

Provide each guest with a headband to tie back their hair and a smock and/or bath robe as they enter the spa. You could also provide them with their goody bag at this time. Giving them a small knapsack full of nail polish, lip gloss, a brush, glitter, fancy soap, bubble bath, and lotion. The girls can use their polish for their manicures/pedicures.

Have a fragrance diffuser, bowls of floating candles, flowers decorating your spa room.

Have teen magazines lying around that the girls can enjoy during their treatments.

Play relaxing music throughout the spa.

Arrange throw pillows around the room for more casual lounging.

Have the birthday girl pick out her favorite colors and try and use the colors for the flowers, candles, and diffuser sticks and oil. Also, these are the colors to use for the party table as well.

Set up different “spa stations,” such as manicure, pedicure, facial, and/or massage areas. Three treatments should be plenty. You can either hire professionals from your favorite spa to provide these treatments to the girls, or you can hire your a few beauty school students to provide the treatments ~ this would be a more budget friendly option. If you have parents who are interested in providing the treatments, this would probably be the least expensive way to go. Drape white sheets over the chairs and tables.

The manicure station can be a long, thin table with comfortable chairs on both sides. You can use an ottoman for the pedicure station with the foot bath soak beside it. If you hire a massage therapist, they will bring their own table.

Have fresh towels on hand for the different treatments, both washcloths and hand towels.

Have hand mirrors available to be used by the spa patrons.

You could play a yoga and/or a pilates video that your guests can enjoy as well between treatments or upon their arrival to the party.


Have the guests make body glitter or bath salts. You can have little bottles available to be filled and this can be an additonal goody item. You can have the guests make these bath goodies while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Decorate flip flops. Provide rhinestones, beads, sequins on a table and a glue gun and decorate the plastic of the flip flops. You could do the same for t-shirts as well. The ribbed type may be the best, as they are quite versatile.


You can get several homemade spa treatments for your guests at HGTV

Have the guests go to the different stations for their various treatments. Really, you don’t need to make these fancy, as an example a pedicure can be a foot soak in salts, a massage of the feet, a trim and clean-up of nails, and then a polish. Make sure the guests enjoy relaxing after each treatment, especially important if the other stations aren’t going as quickly as the others.

If offering facials, provide the guests with cucumber slices to put on their eyes. Even without a facial, they could have them on when taking a pedicure.


Make this menu healthy, after all they are at the spa for the afternoon or evening. You could serve the following:

  • Fresh fruit, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon.
  • Fresh cheese and crackers or a variety of other dips.
  • Yogurt parfaits topped with granola and honey.
  • Have a wonderful vegetable tray served with ranch dip.etc.
  • Dry nuts and fruits would also be a good treat, like banana chips, apricots, assortment of nuts, etc.

If you are serving dinner, you could make:

  • A yummy salad
  • Chicken Fajitas and/or tacos
  • vegetable soup
  • Fresh bread and/or rolls
  • Fruit skewers

Serve an ice cold pitcher of water filled with lemon and/or lime and/or cucumber slices.

Fruit smoothies would be yummy treat as well. You could have several recipes and a blender available and you could have a smoothie bar that the girls can order their smoothies from.

If the girls are old enough, you could offer herbal tea. Have an array of fruit teas on hand as well.


A fruit tart would be a wonderful dessert to serve, as would any type of fruit cake, like Strawberry Shortcake or a peach cobbler. Serve these with frozen yogurt. Carrot Cake may also be a good choice, but not all kids may eat this cake.

Goody Bags:

You can fill plastic clear bags full of mini-spa goodies. You can provide this at the beginning or end of the party. As mentioned earlier, provide mini-lotions, bath salts, bath bubbles, lotions, loofahs, pumice stones, nail files, etc. They will be a lot of fun for the girls!

You could also send home a personalized washcloth with a bottle of bubble bath tied with a silk ribbon.

Remember, if you have done any crafts, they can also take home the body glitter, salts, flip flops and/or t-shirts with them.

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  2. Thinking about a spa party this spring? If so, here’s a cute game to play with the kids.

    Have your birthday kid pick out several new bottles of nail polish at the drugstore, and encourage her to pick out unusual colors.

    Gather your guests into a circle, and play music while the kids pass the polish. When you stop the music, whomever is holding a bottle of nail polish must paint a toe. The first kid done painting all ten toes, WINS!

    Not only will they have fun painting their toe nails, but also the mix and match colors will look fun too!

    You can play this same game painting finger nails too.

    Happy Polishing!

    Lisa said on May 23, 2007
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  4. i just want a simple spa party no fancy nail polish for girly girls

    jj said on February 14, 2008
  5. I’m throwing a spy party in two weeks for my daughters. The decorations will be flip flops. For an example, the tableware has flip flops designs, I brought tote bags with flip flops on them for the goody bags which will be filled with nail polish, lip gloss, bubble bath, etc., I will have a flip flop pinate, and a cake with flip flops designs. I will have teenagers doing the nails and feets, while I do the facial. I also brought tee shirts instead of robes, which is cheaper. Lastly I will write on the tote bags with glitter glue spa party and the date of the party.

    Chante Fitzgerald said on March 27, 2008
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  8. First, I have a question…I am planning a spa party for my daughter’s 7th birthday. These are great ideas but I need a simple idea to avoid using water for foot soaks. She is excited about doing foot soaks and pedicures but I am worried that these young girls will spill water all over the place. Does anyone have any ideas for a waterless foot soak?

    One of the things we will be doing as a craft is using soap scents and distilled water and having the girls create their own body sprays. You can buy spray bottles at the dollar store and sticky labels that they can color themselves.

    Sondra Deni said on March 25, 2010
  9. I am not sure you could do a water-less foot soak, but I would put out a variety of lotions and let them soften their toes with great lotions.

    Lisa said on March 26, 2010
  10. Sit the girls around the edge of your jacuzzi tub instead of using foot baths.

    kim said on April 22, 2010
  11. you could sit around the bath tub in the bathroom. i did that with my ten year old and it was easier i wouldnt have thought about that unless my other daughter (who is now 15) have a spa pparty.they made a mess so its easier with a bath tub

    dana said on July 2, 2010
  12. Can any please help me find cheap robes for my toddlers spa party?

    Jules said on February 25, 2011
  13. Jules, Try these links:

    If you can find some super cheap towels and can sew a straight line, you are golden :)

    Brooke said on February 28, 2011
  14. I love these spa party ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    maiya said on March 2, 2011

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