Does your daughter love fashion and travel? Then why not throw her Springtime in Paris party this season! Spring is the perfect time to transport her and her friends to this wonderful city. This party will be a unique passport to fun focusing on a different country. It’s a great option for grade-school kids age 7–11.

Send invitations in the shape of a plane ticket to Paris, with a small passport page to be stamped upon the guests’ arrival to the party. Invite the guests to “walk the runway” of the famous Louis Vuitton fashion house.

Decorate with chic streamers, balloons, and partyware. Choose the colors your birthday kid loves the most. To continue the theme, create French signs and place candelabras around the party room, as well as handbags, faux jewelry, hats, and long gloves. Since the kids will be walking the runway, create one using a long red plastic tablecloth that can be pinned to the floor. Play French music, of course, to add to the atmosphere.

Place conversation cards around the party table with topics and phrases written in French and translated into English. Have the kids read their cards aloud, both in French and English, and discuss the topics together over the party table.

For the menu, serve small French pastries such as petit fours, croissants, and brioche, along with a cheese and cracker platter, crudités (veggies) with dip, chocolate dipped strawberries, etc. Also, pink fizzy punch in plastic wine glasses would be a refreshing drink.

Go to a thrift store and purchase dresses, boas, high heels, hats, etc.—anything the kids can wear for their runway turn. Decide to either divide the kids into small groups and have one or two take to the runway while the others help get them ready, or have a dress for each child and have the guests get ready together before taking their runway turns. Either way, the kids will have fun making themselves up.

Another activity would be to have the kids customize their dresses before hitting the runway. They can cut them, change them, etc. This is a great idea if the kids like to play with fabric or make their own mark on their dressy creations. Adults may need to help with this activity.

On the runway, play different styles of French music and have the kids take as many runway turns as they like. Make sure to take pictures and/or video. The pictures can be included in your thank you notes. What a great memory!

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