Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt Clues Looking to hold a thematic treasure hunt this Thanksgiving for your kids?  Here are clues to get the Turkey Hunt going:

Pumpkin Pie: Orange and spicy, with a dollop of whip, I sure am yummy!

Turkey: Stuffed and roasted, I crown your table where I am toasted!

TV: All day abuzz with the latest scores, I also take in those after-dinner snores!

Football: Tossed in the air from side to side, the winner I’ll decide!

Leaves: Colorful and crisp, I fall to the ground with no more than a whisper!

Pilgrim: With a black and white cap, I extend my hand and say thanks with a laugh!

Indian: Bearing maize and good will, let’s join together with friends far and near!

Parade: Large giant balloons afloat; if you attend don’t forget your coat!

Hope these clues help get your Treasure Hunt off to a great start … and keep the kids busy too!  If you are interested, you can find cute Thanksgiving party favors to use as prizes at Oriental Trading Co.

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  1. Treasure hunts are always a really big hit in our family. I picked up this really cool book of clues by Nancy Kruse that you might find helpful. It’s called Treasure Hunt-A Book of Clues for Parties and it’s full of really creative ideas.

    Ruth said on December 2, 2008
  2. I think that people don’t have Treasure Hunts for their gift giving events because they think it’s too hard to come up with the clues. It’s really easy if the clues are provided and work in any home or backyard. They have an icebreaking effect and invite guest participation. Check it out at Thanks for the site and the opportunity to check out new ideas!

    Nancy said on January 7, 2009

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