Top 3 144Hz Monitors That You Must Check
By: Date: September 19, 2019 Categories: Technology

A monitor generally refers to an output device which is able to display content from the computer to the screen. Monitors are therefore very important especially in desktop computers, as they enable the user to view the content on the screen. They have also been developed over time, ranging from size, resolution, refresh rates as well as sync technology. If you are looking for a great monitor to buy, especially one that can support heavy uses like gaming, then you will be able to find more info here. This article details the best 144 Hz monitors you should consider buying.

Description- Types of Monitors

Monitors have gradually been developed over time, beginning from the CRT monitors (Cathode Ray Tube), to LCD or flat screen monitor. If you are looking for a gaming monitor to buy or one that can handle heavy tasks, then you should consider monitors with 144 Hz refresh rates. This is because they come designed with the latest technology consisting of great viewing angles, clear resolutions as well as performance. We were able to compile a list of some of the best monitors,
based on a number of tests, reviews and research carried out. These are also
cost-effective and reliable to use.

Best 144Hz Monitors That You Must Check

If you are looking for a wonderful monitor that can be effective for just everything you need, ranging from watching movies, playing games, or even work, then these can be the perfect monitors;


This is a unique monitor that features 8-bit IPS panel for one of the best color reproduction, bringing in very clear images, thanks to the picture settings. Whether you want to watch a movie or even play an intense game, for the hardcore gamers, this will just act as the perfect monitor. When it comes to design and connectivity, this monitor is pretty stylish, designed with a slim bezel and zero-frame. It is also equipped with VGA, HDMI as well as DVI inputs for its connectivity. It
retails at only $130.


The LG24MP59G is a one-of-a-kind monitor that uses the AMD graphics card, well compatible with free-sync. Clarity of image is great, thanks to the Blur-Reduction technology, as well as the screen tearing and image stabilizer. Performance is also stunning, as it comes equipped with a Free-sync GPU, enabling a high refresh rate, clocking between 40-75 Hz. It is equipped with an HDMI as well as DisplayPort for quick connectivity. It retails at around $150.


If you need a reliable and yet powerful 144 Hz monitor, then the AOC G2460PF may just be the most effective monitor that you may need. This is because it comes equipped with a number of features for its price such as super fast response time speed, AMD Free sync, a refresh rate of 144 Hz, among others. In terms of connectivity, you will be assured of HDMI connection, as well as DisplayPort, with a range of 35-144 Hz. It also comes equipped with VGA, DVI, as well as a quad USB port and dual external speakers. It retails at around $200.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or you simply need a great monitor for your work or even watching movies, then this article will guide you on which 144Hz monitor you ought to buy. It is very important to determine what you need exactly, as well as your budget, such that you can get the best monitor that suits your purpose. Thanks to the technology, the 144 Hz monitors are assured of crystal clear pictures, as well as next generation of screen displays.

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