MovieBox: Best App for Watching Movies on Android/iOS

The world of visuals fascinates the human psyche to no end. Right from cave paintings by our ancient ancestors to the latest 3D movies we watch at Imax theaters, seeing is truly believing. Our modern smartphone based culture has given rise to a whole new breed of viewers who would rather watch a movie on their daily commute rather than waste the time.

The Leading App to Watch Movies in Smartphones

Movie Box leads the pack of apps available that let you watch streaming movies on your Android or iOS smartphone. You can now watch all of your favorite movies whenever wherever you like. You have an entire library of movies waiting to be watched, all literally at the touch of a finger. There are several features of Movie Box which elevate it to a position far above its contemporaries. Some of them are:

· Device Independent – Now this is a feature you rarely get. MovieBox will smoothly run on both iOS as well as Android devices. Almost all generations of smartphones are supported by the app. So, do not lose heart if you have an older smartphone. In all probability, it too can run MovieBox with ease. Best of all it works across the smartphone platforms and functions seamlessly across the gamut of Apple iOS and Android devices that power smartphones and tablets across the world.

· Streaming Video – The advantage posed by streaming media is all too obvious. You can watch videos as the data is transmitted to your device. Previously you had to wait for the whole file to be downloaded before you could begin watching it. But this technological problem was solved long before and MovieBox brings you the world of streaming movies to your humble smartphone.

· No Need to Download Videos – Videos often consume a lot of disk space. By using an app like MovieBox you remain in touch with the magical world of films without sacrificing your entire storage space to errant video files. In fact, you have entire libraries of movies that will light up your life at a tap much like a technological genie.

· No Question of Malware – Sometimes it is seen that while torrenting does not cost you money errant files are downloaded in the process that may contain malware and you may end up sacrificing your mobile security. With MovieBox all that is a thing of the past. You don’t download anything so no question of malware.

· View Movies Across Genres – With this app, you have the privilege of having a full-fledged catalog of movies available for your viewing pleasure. Whether it is action or horror, romance or comedy or any other genre for that matter, MovieBox ensures that you get the best movies at any place convenient to you.

· View Movies Anywhere – Another great advantage of an app based movie viewing experience that you can watch them anytime, anywhere. This helps you in ways that are only evident.

· Watch TV Series as Well – MovieBox does not store movies only but also an exciting array of shown available, literally waiting to be streamed to your favorite device.


All in all, we give thumbs up to the concept of watching movies and TV shows on our favorite device, on demand and through apps of which Movie Box is surely the best in the market.

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