Install and Download ShowBox for iOS 11 Without Jailbreak Using vShare

The App store provides people with numerous apps to choose from to perform specific functions. A Smart phone is able to perform numerous functions and the app store essentially provides individuals with different apps to choose from to execute a particular purpose. For those who are movie lovers, there are different applications that they can choose from to watch movies on in their iPads or iPhones with each offering a different movie watching experience. One of the apps that can be used to watch movies and other shows on your phone or tablet is the infamous ShowBox mobile streaming application. This app is one of the best to watch movies and shows on your mobile devices or on your PC from anywhere. The app has many latest shows and movies for people to select from. Moreover, the databases of the app are updated from time to time to ensure that the users get the best experience.

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Install and Download ShowBox for iOS 11 Without Jailbreak Using vShare

Using a device that runs on iOS brings about one major difficulty for the users. Watching or downloading movies and videos for free is rather difficult on a device that runs on iOS. ShowBox is, therefore, popular since it allows the users that have devices running on iOS to watch and download videos for free meaning that whether you have an iPad or iPhone then you can have a great watching experience for free. Additionally, it is important to note that ShowBox app can run on iOS and Android devices or PCs and in the case of iOS it supports both un-jailbroken and jailbroken devices. To download the ShowBox on your device then there are some requirements which must be met before one starts the process of downloading this particular application. The device must be an iPhone or an iPad and must be running iOS 11 or iOS 10 or 9, and the device must be in jailbreak status. Watch the video below for more info, but do watch it fully to understand the current status of iOS 11 jailbreak:

There are several approaches to be used when one wishes to install ShowBox App on their device and one of the approaches is to use the vShare. The vShare app enables one to install for free numerous apps which are supposed to be paid for on iOS devices. Moreover, using vShare may not necessarily require a jailbreak. Once you have installed the vShare on your app then you are ready to install the ShowBox App. The vShare app has a user interface that is one can use easily. An individual can use the Search bar found at the top of the screen to make a quick search for the apps or games that they wish to install on their device. Search for the ShowBox from the applications that result, you will find the app. Once the device appears on the screen, tap on the option to install so as to download the app on to your device.Wait for the app to download and once the download is through, then complete the installation process. The next option is to launch the ShowBox and the message that will appear will be “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”.

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To verify the app, one will be required to go to the settings on the phone and click on the general settings. Once you are here the next option will be to select profile and device management option. Search for the profile that is mentioned and corresponds to the app and opens the profile. Once you are here select “Trust” and press “Trust” to confirm. The process is necessary since the device want to ascertain that you actually want the application on your phone. Once you have pressed “Trust” then your ShowBox app is ready for use and you can search for movies or the TV shows that you may have wanted. You might also face the “iPhone stuck at verifying update” error while installing the application. Try pressing the sleep / wake button once, and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you might have to hard reset your iPhone running on iOS 11. The process is short and simple if you have vShare already installed on your iOS device.


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When an individual acquires a new device they are looking for a new experience. The iPhone and iPad offer endless possibilities for the users though they come at a cost. However, when an individual can get free user experience they will get the best out of their device. ShowBox allows the individual to watch movies and other shows online or download them and watch later. The interface is easy for navigation and the users have different qualities to choose from making the experience even better. Thus anyone who feels that they are not ready to pay to watch videos on their device then this is the application to choose. It offers great benefits to the users and the greatest incentive is that the app comes for free on a platform that almost every app comes at a cost.

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